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Go Vote

Go Vote Like Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does.

Go vote. Not only should you vote, but you should tell everyone to vote. Speak to your fellow Americans and inspire them to go vote. Make it clear your democracy is at stake, and this is likely your last chance as citizens to make a stand.

Make it clear it makes a difference.

If you vote and still lose, your conscience is clear. If you dont vote, you gifted your nation to tyranny.

If you say you won’t vote, and don’t inspire other to vote, you are also neglecting your civil duty.

Fight for your democracy. Not in riots.

You can’t beat the American government in a physical war. They are far too well equipped, and of they require more law to restrict your freedoms to prevail, and even of they don’t, they will pass them, and you’ll be worse off.

Protest peacefully, make your voice heard. Inspire people to follow you, and motivate them. Don’t let people think you’re hooligans.

You need VOTES. That’s the battle that determines whether the war is won or lost.

Garner as many as you can, tell everyone to do the same. All your friends. Speak candidly as a fellow citizen, as a friend.

Do the best you can to increase votes. Show the world and the country how much you care. You had 45% turnout last election. Ridiculous.

Show the world and show Republicans how many of you there are that won’t just be pushed over.

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