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Trump is calling protesters terrorists. He is an autocrat.

Trump is calling protesters terrorists. That puts him in the company of the world’s autocrats

Man with a gun and mask.

What we feared would happen is happening. Trump and the GOP said they would, we knew they would, and they are. Nothing stopped it. There have been numerous, brutal attacks on journalists, peaceful protesters, medics, the disabled, senior citizens and young children, volunteers, American citizens in their homes, politicians, neutral observers, and on and on… Unidentifiable police and an anonymous army of militarized federal agents are shooting innocent people (often in the face) with rubber bullets, tasing them, beating them with batons, teargassing, driving through crowds, physically assaulting, and illegally arresting people without cause or explanation and hauling them away in unmarked vehicles to unknown locations.

Trump and his accomplices are so pleased with their authoritarian occupation of Portland, they’re planning on expanding nationwide, starting with Chicago. If he’s scared he won’t win reelection, he’s going to burn it all to the ground on his way out. If he actually wins, America will become unrecognizable, unsalvageable and irredeemable. Vote for your life on November 3.

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