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Trump Making Illegal Secret Payments

Remember all those stacks and stacks of undifferentiated papers in unlabeled manila folders that was supposed to represent his divestiture from Trump organizations and businesses, but it mostly just looked like blank paper stacked up for show, and then refused to let the media examine the stacks of papers?

Remember when Omarosa released a tape recording of Lara Trump offering her a $15,000 a month job with the Trump campaign to keep her quiet?

I wonder how far $250,000,000 goes in terms of bribes and hush money payments to cheat the 2020 election.

You’re right, he’s a supposed billionaire. I think he always found a way to divert the money so he doesn’t have to spend his own. He has a lot of side shady business not only in US but China, South Africa if I’m not mistaken, there’s also those billions of dollars that was supposed to be given to small businesses and they refused to disclose the beneficiaries of it, which went to his family and “his people”.

Also, 100% sure he uses tax money to pay for them too. D junior went on a trip to Mongolia last year using around $76,000 tax money to pay for it.